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How To Get Your Anemone To Stay In One Place

We all know it, anemones have a mind of their own whether we fish keeping enthusiasts like it or not. 

Though placing your anemone in a Coral Tamer is a wise idea thanks to its intricate curved design that significantly reduces the chances of your anemone escaping, there may be sometimes when your anemone may build up the courage to over come the obstacle and fully climb out of the Coral Tamer. 

Anemones LOVE water FLOW. Its one of the keys to successfully keeping your anemone in an aquarium setting and it can definitely influence it to stay in the Coral Tamer. Anemones will move in aquariums as well as in the wild in order to find the best water flow that best suits their needs. With that being said, increasing the water flow in your aquarium or placing the Coral Tamer next to a water pump or a wave maker with consistent water flow can significantly reduce the chances of it wanting to escape therefore having it stay put. 

Adopting a standard lighting schedule can also eliminate the chances of your anemone escaping the Coral Tamer.  What we mean by this is for example turning on your aquarium lights around 8-9 in the morning and then shutting them off around 8-9 at night thus resulting in consistent light time. 

Lastly, our final strategy is one that we have found to work the best. Basically this strategy is just like training a dog and many fish keepers also implement this strategy in different areas of the hobby such as using it on bullying fish. Once you place your anemone in the Coral Tamer, we suggest you feed it at least 2-3 times per day at consistent or variable times. Doing this shows the anemone that if it stays put within the Coral Tamer, then it'll get fed; further increasing chances of it not wanting to move any longer as it'll realize the reward for staying put. 

While these are all effective strategies in having your anemone stay put in the Coral Tamer, these strategies can also be implemented in your normal aquarium setting, making it easier for you to feed it and eliminating any chances of it stinging your other corals and fish or even having it get sucked up in your filters power head; through beware it will be much more difficult with out the Coral Tamer!

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