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Shipping & Returns

Shipping: *Please note:* Shipping time starts once the order shipped and does not include the processing time which usually takes a day or so. Most products are usually shipped and received within 12-20 days. However our shipments typically arrive within a 6-11 day time frame as long as there aren't any factors such as customs, transportation, and weather that could potentially delay the shipment. International orders also have the same time frame as well, but have been known to take an extra day or two depending on the country to allow for mandatory additional customs and security checks. We offer no minimum *FREE* worldwide shipping!

- Livestock: To ensure you receive the healthiest species available and to reduce the travel stress on your aquatic life, your order will be shipped direct to your door shipped Via Fedex Priority 1 day shipping in an enclosed foam box with a heat pack included. Fish are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy and are shipped from Miami Florida. Livestock shipping fee is $60. Fish orders over $150 get *FREE* shipping! Fish orders are shipped Monday through Thursday UNFORTUNATELY AT THIS TIME, WE ARE UNABLE TO SHIP FISH INTERNATIONALLY!!!!

Returns: Unfortunately at this time, Wet Aquatics is *UNABLE* to accept returns due to a long processing time. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

- Livestock: Because of the complex packaging procedures for all aquatic life and our primary concern for the health and well-being of all specimens we offer, we cannot accept any returns of any aquatic life. Please make your selections carefully.

Refunds: Yes, we do accept refunds only within one week (7 days) of the buyer having received the item. Before refund is issued, we will send you a FREE replacement. If when the replacement arrives and it still comes defected, then we will refund you. Refund is issued only if the item has a defect. *No refunds will be given if buyer cancels the order right after it is placed or after or while the item is being shipped and no refunds will be given if it is deemed the damage was done intentionally.

- Replacements/ Add-ons: Please note that if you enter a discount code at checkout, please make sure that you enter the correct amount of items to your cart in order for the code to work. Also please make sure that you ordered and will be receiving the correct amount. If upon arrival you realize you did not receive the right amount, double check your shipment details. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR CUSTOMER ERROR! Depending on certain circumstances, please contact us and we may or may not make an exception. 

**We can not be held responsible if packages are stollen from the porch, driveway, mailbox, and etc off the address requested the package be shipped to as it is buyers responsibility to have a secure drop off location or someone familiar awaiting the package.**

- Livestock: In the event of a deceased fish upon arrival, please directly email us with an attached digital photo of the loss. Once this is done please also attach a photo with the lost fish on a white background. Once this is done, refund will be decided. Refunds *WILL NOT* be given if livestock died in an aquarium. We apologize for any inconvenience.


*Last updated 07-22-2021.

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