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5 Plug Stairway Frag Rack

5 Plug Stairway Frag Rack

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Whether your aquarium is still new or fully established, the 5 Plug Stairway Frag Rack is the perfect small frag rack that adds the ultimate modern look to any aquarium!

The 5 Plug Stairway Frag Rack features a patented heavy duty clear suction cup thats rated to hold up to three pounds once firmly in place. Thanks to its one of a kind screw design, you can firmly secure the frag rack to your aquariums glass or acrylic walls by simply attaching the frag rack to the aquarium and screwing it tight; which essentially creates an unparalleled vacuum seal. 

Crafted from clear, see-through acrylic, the 5 Plug Stairway Frag Rack becomes nearly invisible underwater.  While it takes time for frag racks to become dirty just like any other aquarium accessory, we recommend regular cleaning as needed to maintain the clear see-though appearance of the frag rack. Cleaning the frag rack is extremely easy as you simply run it through hot water to loosen any possible debris such as algae and then wipe clean with a piece of paper towel of sponge. 

Its unique stairway design allows for easy adjustment of corals as needed and provides all corals placed in the frag rack with adequate light exposure regardless of which "step" there on. It also give corals the ability and space to freely grow upwards.

Furthermore, having the ability to add the 5 Plug Stairway Frag Rack to your aquariums walls allows you to give certain corals more desired and easily accessible water flow as opposed to being in a fixed area of your aquarium with non-sufficient flow. It also allows you to house more corals in your aquarium as it opens up space on your rock work or aquascape for the addition of more corals. The 5 Plug Stairway Frag Rack also makes it easier to feed your corals as you can place your more delicate corals in easily accessible areas of your aquarium.


  • Gives your aquarium a modern contemporary look unlike seen before. 
  • Patented heavy duty suction cup creates the ultimate vacuum seal. 
  • Clear see-through design becomes nearly invisible under water.
  • Allows easy feeding off corals while supplying other corals with increased flow.
  • Rotatable fixture allows for easy adjustment of corals.